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SAP LTMC & LTMOM (Legacy Transfer Migration Cockpit)

Hello All,

In this blog, we will understand what is LTMC and how to use LTMC.

LTMC is a tool which allows you to transfer data from Non SAP system to SAP system. LTMC transfers Master Data, transactional data & balances as well. It only works on Web browsers. LTMC is an advanced version of the LSMW. It is mainly used in Greenfield Implementation project.

LTMC = Legacy Transfer Migration Cockpit (T code= LTMC)

Steps to use LTMC:

Create Migration Project:

For Project creation, use T code LTMC in the Traditional GUI

Below screen will be opened a new Brower window (Fiori).

In this process, we have to create migration project by selecting File or by Staging tables. In this blog, we are creating project for GLs migration.

Click on ‘Create’.

Create migration project using file as shown below:

Under Migration project we can transfer data by using provided Migration object templates.

Select ‘G/L Account’ as your migration object and below screen will appear.

Click on Download Template.

This will download the excel file as shown below which we need to fill and upload in subsequent steps

Fill the downloaded template, with the required data. In template, Orange sheets are mandatory and Blue sheets are optional.

Once filled, upload the excel file.

Template file size must not exceed 100 MB in xml format & 160 MB in zip format.

Activate the file: Select the uploaded file and activate as shown below.

Start Transfer:

After activation, click on start transfer. Transfer process consist four stages -Validation, Conversion, Simulation & Execution.


Validation process validate the data if the uploaded file had any incorrect or inconsistent data, then the validation process will show error or warning. If it`s only warning, we can proceed but if it is error, we have to update data according to that error. After 100% validation close tab gets enabled, click on close & click on next for Convert value process.

If validation is results in error, we need to resolve those issues, once done - click on Next button

Convert Values-

In this step, we have to Map Activated fields with the target values by clicking on each line item. We can also select all and activate all at once. Click on ‘confirm Mapping values’ & ‘next’ for simulation process.

After all the lines are activated and turned Green, click on Next button


Click on close, Warning/error will be shown in the ‘Notifications from Simulation’. If there is any data missing, then system will show error & can`t allow us to proceed further. Click on Next, it will redirect to you for Execution.

Once Simulation step is completed and if there are no errors, click on Next button

Execute Import

After Execution, click on Finish, the data will post in the SAP system immediately. Migration Status of the migration Object will change from ‘In process’ to ‘Finished’.

Hope you enjoyed the Blog, please comment in case of any queries/ improvements.

You can also watch full video on LTMC on YouTube.


Akshay Chavan

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