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Goods Receipt without Reference in SAP

Let’s us understand this topic by taking an instance, suppose a business implemented SAP software which is going to be live then the existing stocks of materials should be recorded in the new SAP software as a initial stock balances. Then Goods receipt against any Purchase order/ Production order comes to the picture.

The initial entry of stock balances can take place by posting to three stock types :

  • Unrestricted-use stock (without PO: movement type 501; without production order: movement type 521)

  • Stock in quality inspection (without PO: movement type 503; without production order: movement type 523)

  • Blocked stock (without PO: movement type 505; without production order: movement type 525)

STEP 1 : Go to SAP Easy Access screen and enter T-code – MIGO


STEP 2 : Choose Goods Receipt, Other as the reference and enter 501 as movement type (Unrestricted-use stock without Purchase Order)

MIGO home page

STEP 3 :  Enter the material description and name in the Material Short Text column in Item Detail Data section .

MIGO Item description page

STEP 4 : Enter Quantity and Unit of Measure

MIGO Item description page

STEP 5 : Insert Plant and Storage Location details

MIGO item description page

STEP 6 : Just confirm the Item OK check box is ticked, then post the document, it will generate the MIGO document.

MIGO description page

Finally material document 4900000668 is posted.

material ledger in SAP page

Thank you for taking time to read my blog, stay tuned for more insightful blogs.

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