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SAP FI Document configuration

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

In this blog I will give a brief explanation on necessary SAP FI Document Configurations.


Path to configure the above settings in SAP >> IMG Screen:

Document Type

Document Type - Document type is a key identifier that represents the nature or purpose of a financial transaction It is used to classify different types of accounting documents based on their business relevance and processing requirements. Document type is defined at Client Level.

Some Examples are:

KR: Vendor Invoice Document

DR: Customer Invoice Document

SA: G/L Account Posting

KP: Vendor Payment Document

DP: Customer Payment Document.

AB: General document

CO: CO posting

Document Type is a 2-Digit Alphabetic Code (OBA7) *

These are available at Client level not restricted to any Company Code.

Define New Document Type or Utilize SAP Pre-Delivered Document Types for your Company Code.

Document Type Controls -

1. Account Types allowed

2. Negative Postings Permitted

3. Inter-Company Transaction

4. Number Range

5. Reverse Document Type

6. Reference & Document Header Text

Document Number Ranges:

Define Document Number Range (FBN1) *

A number range is a defined range of unique identification numbers used to label and track various business transactions and documents within the system. It is recommended to extend the SAP pre-delivered Number range to your company code.

Copy Document Number Range to Company Code -(OBH1) *

- Copy Number Range to Your Co. Code from Standard Co. Code 1710 Provided by SAP.

- Number range is a range of unique numbers that are assigned to various documents.

- Each year has its own Range of Document numbers.

Types of Number Range -

- In External number assignment must be Ticked "✔", the user enters the document number, while in Internal number assignment, the system generates the number automatically.

- NR Status is Number Range Status - This field represents the last number which has been assigned from the number range.

Posting Keys:

Posting keys are defined at Client Level. Posting Key is a 2-digit code that defines the nature of a financial transaction or posting line item within an accounting document. Posting keys determine whether a line item represents a debit or credit entry and the account type that is affected by the posting.

Posting key is a 2-digit code (OB41) *

It is always Recommended to use SAP Pre-Delivered Posting Keys.

Posting Key Controls:

1. Debit/Credit Indicator

2. Account Type

3. Sales Related

4. Special G/L transaction.

5. Reversal Posting Key

6. Payment Transaction.

Posting Key Controls Fields of Document Line Items -

Posting Key Codes for Account Type -

Account Type

Posting Key





Debit Asset




Credit Asset




Stock Inward




Stock Outward



General Ledger

Debit Entry



General Ledger

Credit Entry




Credit Memo




Reverse Memo


FI Tolerance Group for Users:

User/Employees Tolerance Group is a configuration that specifies the degree of tolerance or permissible limit a user or group of users is allowed for posting and clearing documents or line items.

Define FI Tolerance Group for Users (OBA4) *

In this activity, we specify the various amount limits for users. These limits determine:

  • The maximum amount up to which an employee is permitted to post a document.

  • The maximum amount up to which an employee is permitted to enter a line item in a customer or vendor account.

  • The cash discount percentage an employee is permitted to enter in a line item.

  • Up to what amount payment differences can be accepted.

  • Permitted Payment Differences - The amounts or percentage rates that the system is to automatically post to a separate expense or revenue account if the cash discount cannot be adjusted.

Assign Users to Tolerance groups (OB57) *

It allows certain users to handle financial transactions with specified Limit.

For Users that you do not assign to a group, you must define tolerance values for which you leave the Group field 'Blank' and only specify the company code. Keeping blank is the minimum tolerance limit.

Now the FI Documents will get created for every G/L posting.

For complete video package visit the link below

New SAP S4 HANA FICO online batch starting from 05th Sep'23

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