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SAP Career related FAQs

We keep on getting below questions from our students related to career in SAP Consulting. So this is my small effort to put all FAQs at one common place. I hope this will be useful for SAP Aspirants.

1. What is SAP? Is SAP a good career choice?

​SAP is an ERP which allows companies to manage & integrate all their business processes (Finance, Purchase, Sales, Manufacturing, HR etc.) using one single software. Top companies in all industries use SAP as their ERP. Their is always a huge demand of SAP Consultants in the market specially after the launch of SAP S/4 HANA. So career in SAP is always a great choice.

​2. I am new to SAP. I don't have any knowledge of SAP. Can I still learn it?

Yes, we offer SAP courses for both - complete beginners & experienced SAP Consultants, so even if you don't have any SAP background you can still learn SAP. Please ensure to check with institutes if the course that you are registering is suitable for beginners

3. Which module is suitable for me?

This depends upon your educational background, work experience (if any) & interest. As an example, if you are already working as an Accountant - SAP FICO would be good module for you. On the other hand, if you like programming languages, you can go for SAP ABAP. For more detailed explanation, you can watch this video (2) Start your SAP Consulting Career in 9 Steps with Gaurav Learning Solutions - YouTube

4. Can I learn SAP S/4 HANA directly without knowledge on SAP ECC?

This question is like - can I learn how to operate IPhone 13 without learning IPhone 5? The answer to this question depends on the course you are registering for. At Gaurav Learning Solutions, we offer SAP S/4 HANA courses for Beginners for which no SAP ECC knowledge is needed (Whatever ECC knowledge is needed is covered during the same course). So, before you register with any institute, check if that course has a prerequisite to learn SAP ECC. There is no point paying twice to institutes, so prefer institutes who can provide training on SAP S/4 HANA directly

5. Is certification mandatory to get a job?

Certification is not mandatory but it is recommended to get a job. Probability of getting job calls & offer is more for certified Consultants

6. How to register for SAP Certification?

For SAP Certification, you need to directly register on SAP's Training & Certification website. Please refer to this video for more details. (2) Become SAP Certified S/4 HANA Consultant in just 90K INR - YouTube

7. What is cost of SAP Certification

Gone are the days when you needed to pay 3-4 lacs INR to get SAP certified. Now SAP Certification fees is around 20K INR (For single attempt) & around 50K INR (For six attempts). So it is always preferable to get certified

8. Will I get a job after SAP Certification?

Nobody can give you job guarantee. Beware of fake & fraud institutes including the known ones. If you follow the course properly & give sufficient time for practicing on the real-time scenarios, you will gain confidence which will help you get your first break in SAP. Remember, there are no shortcuts to get a job.

9. I already have 10+ years of experience in Finance/ Purchase/ Sales domain. Can I move to SAP Consulting? Is this a right choice?

I have seen people coming to SAP Consulting after 15-20 years of domain experience. The reason is simple, the amount of growth in SAP can't be compared with growth in other domains & every domain activity is getting replaced with automation tools. So, it is never too late to switch to SAP for faster growth.

10. What would be my starting salary as SAP Consultant?

There is no straight answer for this question. Some companies pay up to 8 Lacs INR to SAP Fresher while other companies start from 2 Lacs INR. But starting salary is the last thing that you should consider. Once you gain some experience, sky is the limit.

I hope I covered most of the common FAQs. If you have any more questions, please comment & I will try to provide the answers at earliest.

Thank You & Happy Learning!!

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sumit bose
sumit bose
2022년 4월 26일

I want start learning sap fico ecc and sap 4 Hana both

Vikram Fotani
Vikram Fotani
2022년 4월 26일
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