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The cash journal is a subledger of Bank Accounting. It is used to manage a company's cash transactions. The system automatically calculates and displays the opening and closing balances, and the receipts and payments totals. You can run several cash journals for each company code.

1:-Create GLs

petty cash account and bank account

Create/bank/interest tab

Click on Save

2:-Define number rang for cash journal document T code (FBCJC1)

You have to define a number range interval for cash journal documents. Each document then receives a unique number that does not clash with the G/L document number. Determine whether the number range interval 01 has already been predefined by the system.

Enter your company code and Click on Intervals

Click on Free intervals

3:-Set up Cash journal T code (FBCJC0)

Maintain view for cash journal

4:-Maintain business transaction (FBCJC2)

5:-Setup amount limit

The configuration step is to set the amount limit for the cash journals. To set the amount limit follow the steps below:

Simg, financial accounting, Bank Accounting, Business Transaction, Cash journal, Define Amount limit.

Click on New Entry

6:-Cash journal (FBCJ)

It is a business transaction Name, Which is attached to G/L Account for carrying out posting of cash payment or receipt entry directly to GL Account other then cash account. This can be configured or as well as created FRO SAP Menu, while entering New Transaction.

Cash Receipts , business transaction and add amount

Scroll down click on Save sel

Click on Post

Cash payment

Select line and scroll down click on save sel

Click on post


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