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Asset Accounting Error: Inconsistency exist between company code XXXX and chart of deprec. XXXX

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Hi Vikram Sir,

When I tried to create asset master record AS01 for the first time in the S/4 system it encountered with the error "Information about last completed fiscal year is incomplete". After entering the transfer date 31/12/2021 it saved successfully but again it showing me same error when I trying to create asset master.

I went and checked again in the same T-code: FAA_CMP after which when I tried to assigning the Highest fiscal year under ledger 0L I'm facing the error "Message no. AC530 - Depreciation area 01 in COD ZZGB is not set for gross transfer posting". Please suggest what went wrong as I created COD - ZZGB I copied from 0GB COD this could be…


Explained to perfection. Thanks a lot

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