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Bank Reconciliation in SAP S/4 HANA

Updated: May 23

Manual Bank Reconciliation in SAP

Manual bank statement reconciliation involves selecting bank statement lines and system transactions to be reconciled together. During reconciliation if a system transaction hasn't been cleared the reconciliation process clears the transaction first, and then reconciles it.


1:-House Banks (Fi12)

Click on position and Enter Your company Code

Select Your company code and Click on House Banks 

Select house bank and click on bank account.

Bank Account details

2:-Create GLs 

·         Main bank Account

·         Incoming Account

·         Outgoing

Account Control data tab, Account management right tick Open Item management.

Field status group G001 General and save


3:- Create and Assign Business Transaction (OT52)  

In this step you store an indicator for each business transaction and allocate a posting rule to each business transaction. Several business transactions usually refer to the same posting rule.

Example:- To differentiate business transaction, you assign to the “Credit memo, domestic” transaction an indicator different from the one for “credit memo, foreign” or” credit memo, rent”. Since posting is the same for these transactions, you can allocate all three to one posting rule (credit memo).


4:- Define posting keys and posting rules for manual bank statement

Path:-Simg, Financial Accounting, Bank Accounting, Business Transactions, Payment Transactions, Manual Bank Statement, Define Posting Keys and Posting Rules for Manual Bank Statement.

Enter your Chart Of Account 

Create Account Symbols

Click on New Entries

Assign Accounts to Account Symbol

 Click on New Entries 

Create Keys for Posting Rules

Click on New Entries

Define Posting Rules

Click on New Entries

  • BMW1, Posting key 40, Account DR(bmw4) :-main bank account, Account CR (BMW1) Incoming Receipts

  • BMW2, Account DR bmw2 Outgoing Receipts, Posting key 50, Account CR bmw4 main bank account.

5:-Define variants for manual bank statement (OT43) 

In this step you can create separate account assignment variants for the manual bank statement in order to adapt the arrangement and/or the selection of account assignment fields to your company specific requirement.

One variant is delivered as a default. It connote be modified.

If you do not want to work with the standard variant, you can deactivate. New variants must be activated after you create them.


1.      To create a new variant, choose variant > New variant > Create…

2.      In the pop-up window enter the variant ID, description and the number of account assignment lines.


6:-Posted document  Display Document (FB03) 

Enter document number (incoming)





7:-Manual Bank statement (FF67)

Click on Settings enter specification and select your variant.

Add bank details and add closing bank balance and Click on post statement

  Statement/list save

 Mis match balance

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